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About Oregon Farm Bureau

The Oregon Farm Bureau (OFB) is a voluntary, grassroots, nonprofit organization representing the interests of the state’s farmers and ranchers in the public and policymaking arenas. As Oregon’s largest general farm organization, its primary goal is to promote educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement for its members and the farming, ranching, and natural resources industry as a whole. “The voice of Oregon agriculture,” OFB works to find solutions that will benefit all of the state’s agriculture producers.

With Oregon roots dating back to 1919, Oregon Farm Bureau was established as a statewide organization in Umatilla County in 1932. With 7,000 member families professionally engaged in the industry and a total membership of over 60,000 Oregon families, Farm Bureau is the state’s largest general agriculture organization.

The county Farm Bureau is the foundation for Farm Bureau at the state and national levels. Oregon has 32 organized, active county Farm Bureaus covering all 36 Oregon counties. Each county Farm Bureau has its own board and officers and is a vital link between the organization’s membership, its policy development, and implementation efforts.

Virtually every aspect of public policy touches family agriculture in some way. Farm Bureau employs a time-tested, open, democratic annual grassroots process to reach its public policy positions. The ultimate goal is the survival and success of the family farm and ranch in Oregon.

Among Farm Bureau’s core principles are voluntary membership; open, democratic, and transparent processes of governing, finance, and policymaking; equal opportunity; the importance of family; and above all, power resting in the hands of voting members.

OFB is part of the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), a member-funded, politically independent federation of nearly 3,000 county Farm Bureaus throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

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Oregon Farm Bureau also helps:

  • Farm and ranch families keep Oregon green and remain good caretakers of land, water, and animals.
  • Connect farmers with charities such as Farmers Ending Hunger and the Ronald McDonald House.
  • Preserve Oregon’s agricultural heritage through the Century Farm & Ranch Program.
  • Provide over $65,000 per year in scholarships to students from across the state.
  • Educate teachers through the Summer Ag Institute.
  • Farm and ranch families keep the land, water, and production tools they need.

Thank you for supporting Oregon’s family farms and ranches with your membership in Farm Bureau.