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Meet the OFB Board of Directors, family farmers and ranchers from all parts of the state, representing many commodities and operation sizes. Photo taken on Dec. 9, 2017, during the 85th OFB Annual Meeting in Pendleton.

Meet the 2017-2018 OFB Board of Directors — all family farmers and ranchers, representing a wide variety of ag commodities, operation sizes, farming methods, and geographical regions across Oregon.

Front row from left are 4th Vice President/Chair of the OFB Women’s Advisory Council Janice Flegel, 2nd VP Barb Iverson; OFB President Barry Bushue; 1st VP Sharon Waterman; and 3rd VP Brian Glaser.

Back row from left Region 14 (Columbia, Washington Counties) Rep. Larry Duyck; Region 5 (Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Wheeler) Rep. Wade Flegel; Region 16 (Lane, Douglas) Rep. Rick Epp; Region 11 (Jackson, Josephine) Rep. Ron Bjork; Region 9 (Polk, Yamhill) Rep. Dean Freeborn; Region 15 (Marion County) Rep. John Zielinski; Region 10 (Benton, Lincoln, Linn) Rep. Peter Kenagy; Region 12 (Coos, Curry) Rep. Kevin Westfall; Region 8 (Clatsop, Tillamook) Rep. Carol Marie Leuthold; Region 7 (Clackamas, Multnomah) Rep. Pete Postlewait; Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair Jenny Freeborn; Re­gion 6 (Hood River, Sherman, Wasco) Rep. Mike McCarthy; Region 3 (Grant, Harney) Rep. Shane Otley; EVP Dave Dillon; Region 13 (Malheur) Rep. Dan Andersen; Region 1 (Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla) Rep Matt Wood; and Region 4 (Klamath, Lake) Rep. Lyndon Kerns.

Not pictured is Region 2 (Baker, Union, Wallowa) Rep. Bill Browne.

As a grassroots, nonprofit organization, the OFB Board of Directors is comprised of volunteer leaders — family farmers and ranchers who take time away from their fields or livestock to make a difference for Oregon agriculture.

All of OFB’s policy and political priorities develop from a completely democratic process, beginning at the county Farm Bureau level, where decisions are made by Oregon family farmers and ranchers. Positions, ideas, and initiatives then make their way to the OFB annual convention, where Farm Bureau members from around the state meet to discuss and vote upon the organization’s goals for the coming year.

2016 OFB Board of Directors 

President Barry Bushue is a family farmer raising berries and pumpkins in Boring, and also sells at farmers markets.

1st Vice President Sharon Waterman has a ranch in Bandon with timber, cattle, and sheep.

2nd Vice President Barb Iverson raises tulips, wine grapes, grass seed, hemp, wheat, and a variety of vegetables in Woodburn.

3rd Vice President Brian Glaser raises grass seed, wheat, and other crops in Linn County.

4th Vice President/Women’s Advisory Council Chair Janice Flegel raises cattle and hay in Prineville.

Regional Directors

Region 1 (Gilliam, Morrow, Umatilla)
Matt Wood raises wheat in Adams.

Region 2 (Baker, Union, Wallowa)
Bill Browne raises cattle, grain, and hay in North Powder.

Region 3 (Grant, Harney)
Shane Otley is a cattle rancher and alfalfa hay producer based in Burns.

Region 4 (Klamath, Lake)
Lyndon Kerns raises cattle and hay in Klamath Falls.

Region 5 (Crook, Deschutes, Jefferson, Wheeler)
Wade Flegel is cattle rancher and hay farmer from Prineville.

Region 6 (Hood River, Sherman, Wasco)
Mike McCarthy raises pears in the Hood River Valley.

Region 7 (Clackamas, Multnomah)
Pete Postlewait grows beans, cucumbers, rhubarb, and pumpkin seeds in Aurora.

Region 8 (Clatsop, Tillamook)
Carol Marie Leuthold is a dairy farmer based in Cloverdale.

Region 9 (Polk, Yamhill)
Dean Freeborn a variety of seed crops, grain, cattle, and hay.

Region 10 (Benton, Lincoln, Linn)
Peter Kenagy raises seed crops and u-pick pumpkins in in Albany.

Region 11 (Jackson, Josephine)
Ron Bjork raises cattle in Jackson County.

Region 12 (Coos, Curry)
Kevin Westfall raises cattle, hay, and timber Broadbent.

Region 13 (Malheur)
Dan Andersen is a cattle rancher from Ontario.

Region 14 (Columbia, Washington)
Larry Duyck raises a variety of berries, grass seed, wheat, clover, and other crops in North Plains.

Region 15 (Marion)
John Zielinksi raises apples and pears in Salem.

Region 16 (Lane, Douglas)
Rick Epp raises hay, stockers, and timber in Roseburg.

Young Farmers & Ranchers Chair
Jenny Freeborn helps on her family farm in Rickreall, raising grass seed, wheat, cattle, and other crops. 

Ex Officio
Dr. Larry Curtis – Associate Dean, College of Ag Sciences, Oregon State University

For more information, email Tiffany Nino or call (503) 399-1701, ext. 301.