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Did you know?

  • Oregon agriculture is sustainable. Since 1958, 1,200 Oregon farms and ranches are officially recognized as remaining operational and within same family at least 100 years, while 39 have reached the official 150-year-old mark. Source: Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program
  • Oregon is #1 in the nation for Christmas trees, hazelnuts, black raspberries, ryegrass seed, orchard grass seed, crimson clover, sugar beets for seed, red clover seed, fescue seed, blackberries, boysenberries, potted azaleas, and peppermint. (2016)  Source: Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
  • There are more than 34,600 Oregon farms and ranches, occupying about 16.4 million acres. Average farm size is 474 acres. (2015) Source: Oregon Dept. of Agriculture
  • Oregon exported $2.6 billion in raw agriculture products internationally in 2013, representing about 40% of farmgate cash receipts (USDA Economic Research Service, 2014). Agriculture and food exports comprise about 6% of Oregon’s economy and provide 7.4% of the state’s jobs (OSU Rural Studies Program, 2011) Source: 2015 State of Oregon Agriculture report, p. 10
  • It’s estimated that about 40% of Oregon agricultural products go to the domestic market outside of Oregon, bringing new dollars into Oregon and supporting rural and urban jobs in agriculture, food processing, and other associated industries.  Source: 2015 State of Oregon Agriculture report, p. 13
  • Agriculture products represents 10.9% of all Oregon exports. Source: 2015 State of Oregon Agriculture report, p. 5

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