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        Information on the BLM / Hammonds case


Photo on left is of Steve Hammond, a former OFB Board member and former president of Harney County Farm Bureau.

> Sign the petition to #SaveThe Hammonds.

> Learn the story behind the #SaveTheHammonds campaign. Elderly Harney County rancher Dwight Hammond and his son, Steven (a former OFB board member and Harney County Farm Bureau president) were tried as terrorists for setting a preventative backfire on their own land — and were sentenced to the mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years in federal prison under terrorism statues. Story by OFB.

> Op-ed by Oregon Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Dave Dillon for the Burns Times-Herald, 1/20/16

> At the 2016 American Farm Bureau Annual Convention, Jan. 8-12, in Orlando, the AFBF House of Delegates unanimously adopted a resolution
proposed by OFB asking the AFBF Board to make it a priority to change federal terrorism statutes so they can’t be applied to farmers, ranchers, and
foresters using accepted practices.

> Oregon group denounces protestors, supports ranchers (features OFB President Barry Bushue) by DTN-Progressive Farmer, 1/6/16

> WSJ Opinion: The Western Land Revolt: The Bundy siege is wrong, but so is government abuse. (mentions Oregon Farm Bureau) by Wall Street Journal, 1/5/16

> The Oregonian: Dismiss the Bundy Bunch, but not the concerns of rural Oregonians by The Oregonian, 1/5/16. OFB has led the effort to bring public scrutiny to the Hammond case and BLM mismanagement. We worked quietly with officials over the spring and summer. When they failed to offer solutions, OFB started the public phase of this effort. This Oregonian opinion captures much of what we’ve been communicating.

> Statement by Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue on the Hammond case, 1/4/16

> Oregon ranchers’ fight with feds sparks militias’ interest (features OFB President Barry Bushue), The Oregonian, 12/31/15

> Hammonds, local supporters distance themselves from militia groups (features OFB President Barry Bushue), The East Oregonian, 12/30/15

> Op-ed by Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue for the Burns Times-Herald, 12/30/15

> Controversial Oregon ranchers in court Wednesday, likely headed back to prison (features OFB President Barry Bushue), The Oregonian, 10/7/15

> Statement by Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue on sentencing of Steve and Dwight Hammond to five years in federal prison after the BLM pushed for mandatory minimum sentences under anti-terrorism statues. 10/7/15

> Capital Press editors: Justice not served in the Hammonds case, 10/22/15

> Article by Tri-State Livestock News delving into the story of the Hammonds, 10/29/15

> Oregon: Hammond Case: Abuse of Power by BLM, FWS and US Attorney by Pine N Politicis. Good overview that includes contact information for our Congressional delegation. Let lawmakers know this level of government overreach is NOT OK!, 5/12/15

> Read an article by Western Livestock Journal on the background of the Hammonds case, 8/5/15

> Capital Press coverage of BLM employee hacking OFB petition to support Hammonds:  BLM computer used to impersonate former employee BLM tracks down online impersonatorBLM poser should be fired for online comments