Oregon’s Bounty Calendar

OFB invites the public to submit photos for the 2017 Oregon’s Bounty calendar.

The award-winning calendar celebrates all aspects of Oregon agriculture: the commodities, the people, the production, the landscape, the enjoyment, anything that depicts the beauty, technology, culture, or tradition of farming and ranching.

Selected images for month pages will include a photo credit and photographers will receive 10 copies of the calendar.

> The deadline is Sept. 15, 2016.

> Submit photos to: annemarie@oregonfb.org, or upload to our Hightail account, or mail a disc or printed photos to Anne Marie Moss, OFB, 1320 Capitol St. NE, Suite 200, Salem, OR 97301.

> Get photo specifications, rules, and other information here: Information on the photos for the 2017 Oregon’s Bounty calendar.

For more information, contact Anne Marie Moss, annemarie@oregonfb.org, 503.399.1701.

The award-winning Oregon’s Bounty calendar is a full-color calendar celebrating the bounty and beauty of Oregon agriculture, and is sent to all 60,000 Farm Bureau members around Oregon.

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