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A newly revised I-9 Form is released! You may not use the previous version after Jan 22, 2017. See below for links to the current form.

Farm Employer Education & Legal Defense Services (FEELDS)

FEELDS stands for Oregon Farm Bureau’s Farm Employer Education & Legal Defense Service. It’s a member-service program for Oregon Farm Bureau members. For less than $70 per month, FEELDS helps you keep up with the frequently changing state and federal regulations. It helps you identify your business strengths and areas that might need some extra attention. FEELDS also provides you with a helping hand so you can be sure you are managing your employment situations correctly.

The program offers FEELDS members unlimited access to our nationally certified Program Director, Roberta Gruber, who has worked exclusively with agricultural employers since 1991. As a FEELDS member, Roberta will visit with you (free) to help you with your employee concerns and help you put practical and effective solutions to work to save you money and avoid problems.

Another valuable service is the FEELDS legal defense service if you need an attorney to defend you in an employment related lawsuit or against demand letters relating to your agricultural employees. No more “litigate or settle” decisions based on economics instead of the merits of the case.

New I-9 Form (as of November 2016):

2016 I-9 Form  – Newest version of the I-9 Form. (Older versions may not be used after January 22, 2017)

I-9 Form Instructions – How to properly complete the I-9 Form.

I-9 Form Supplement – Additional “Preparer/Translator” certification spaces, when needed.

I-9 Handbook for Employers – This is a useful booklet that gives much more in-depth instructions to completing the I-9 Form.

I-9-paper-version – If you don’t want to use the PDF options contained in the newest I-9 with convenient drop-down menus, you may use this paper version.  Everything else remains the same.


Currently required federal workplace posters for agriculture:

EEO is the law English

Equal Employment is the Law – Spanish

federal minimum wage – English

Federal minimum wage – Spanish

Employee Polygraph Protection – English

Employee Polygraph Protection – Spanish

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – English – For employers with 50+ employees

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) – Spanish

USERRA (military rights) English (only)

Currently required Oregon workplace posters for agriculture:

2016-2017 Agricultural Employees Minimum Wage Poster -English

2016 07 Agricultural Employees  Minimum Wage Poster – Spanish

Domestic Violence, Harassment Poster – English

Domestic Violence, Harassment Poster  – Spanish

Oregon OSHA Field sanitation – English 

Oregon OSHA Field Sanitation – Spanish

Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) – English 

Oregon Family Leave Act (OFLA) – Spanish 

OSHA Job Safety & Health – English

OSHA Job Safety & Health – Spanish

Oregon Mandatory Sick Time – English

Oregon Mandatory Sick Time – Spanish 

Smoke free building (decal sample) English

Smoke free building (decal sample) Spanish

In addition to these federal and state posters, also post:

  • Your worker’s compensation certificate
  • Your Unemployment Insurance Notice (Form 11), if you’re subject to unemployment insurance
  • A self-made poster identifying your pay dates and times
  • If you offer an incentive bonus (such as an “end of season” or production bonus), post the terms of how employees may earn that bonus and when it is paid.
  • If you hire employees under the age of 18 to operate power-driven farm machinery, post the child labor certificate you must receive after completing this application from the Bureau of Labor & Industries


Videos from FEELDS Ag Employer Workshop on Sept. 6, 2016.

 Video: FEELDS Director Roberta Gruber: Ag Employer Update

>  Video: OFB Director of Public Policy Jenny Dresler gives a labor issue update. 

Video: David Briggs: Conducting Workplace Investigations

>> Guidance for Employers Conducting Internal Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9 Audits

Videos from FEELDS Ag Employer Workshop on Oct. 13, 2015.

Video: OFB Director of Public Policy Jenny Dresler gives a legislative update. 

 Video: David Briggs, J.D. with Employment Law & Litigation Practices Group, offers an Oregon employment law update

Video: Christine Moehl, J.D. with Employee Benefits Group, presents an update on the Affordable Care Act


FEELDS Membership forms and details:

Download the FEELDS application.  Please complete and mail this form.

Download the FEELDS application checklist.  (Just for instructions)

Download the FEELDS membership agreement. This lets you know how the FEELDS program works.  You keep this document.

Download the FEELDS payment agreement. Please complete and mail this form.

Questions?  Contact: FEELDS Program Director Roberta Gruber (503) 510-6458


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