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For questions on Oregon Farm Bureau’s work at the federal level, email Gail Greenman, OFB’s Director of National Affairs. See the OFB Policy Book.

See American Farm Bureau’s issue priorities.

American Farm Bureau advocacy info

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) resources for Oregon farmers & ranchers

Town Halls scheduled by Oregon’s Congressional Delegation 

The Veterinary Feed Directive: Questions and Answers for Oregon Livestock Producers by Oregon State University Extension Service  > As of January 2017, Oregon livestock producers must comply with a new federal law that fundamentally changes the way feed-grade antibiotics are used in their operations: The Veterinary Feed Directive. This OSU publication answers some basic questions about the new law, including the livestock operator’s or caretaker’s responsibilities and classifications of medications that are affected and not affected by the VFD.

American Farm Bureau work on the 2018 Farm Bill — and Interesting facts about Oregon agriculture and the Farm Bill 


Water Resources Development Act of 2016 (WRDA)

Waters of the US (WOTUS)  & #DitchTheRule campaign   Farm Bureau members are asked to join the fight against the EPA’s proposed expansion of the Clean Water Act, which would directly impact many farmers’ ability to work their land.

FY 2017 Agriculture Appropriations 

GMOs & GMO Labeling OFB believes that family farmers and ranchers should be able to decide what and how to raise on their own farms, be it organic, conventional, GMOs/biotech, or no tech — not county governments, non farmers, or activist groups. We need a uniform national solution to eliminate the potential confusion and costly red tape associated with the growing, 50-state patchwork of mandatory state labeling laws that could raise the cost of food for families by up to $1,050 per year.

Food Safety Modernization Act 

Trade & TPP

Labor & Immigration Reform

SPCC — Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Rule (SPCC)

HOT GOODS — The U.S. Dept. of Labor unfairly targeted Oregon growers and used coercive tactics to get them to pay exorbitant fines without any proof or due process of law. For two years, OFB has successfully led the fight to demand justice for these family farmers in the media and in the courts.