Oregon farmers celebrated at baseball game

small[PHOTO: From left are ODA’s Katy Coba, Brenda Kirsch Frketich, Shelly Boshart Davis, Amy Doerfler Phelan, Molly Pearmine McCargar, Kathy Freeborn Hadley, Macey Wessels, and Marie Bowers Stagg.]

Oregon family farmers and ranchers were honored at a special ag-themed game of the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes baseball team on June 28 in Salem – and many Farm Bureau members were in attendance.

As part of a salute to female farmers, OFB Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee Chair Kathy Hadley and member Brenda Frketich, along with Oregon Dept. of Agriculture Director Katy Coba, were among an exceptional group of women who threw out the first pitches before the start of the game.

OFB President Barry Bushue and Marion County Farm Bureau President John Zielinski were among a group that honored the family of Scott Miller, a member of Marion County Farm Bureau, who died in an accident while driving a tractor on a rural road last summer.

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Besides those listed above, also at the game were Shelly Davis, Macey Wessels, Molly McCargar, Amy Phelan, Oregon Women for Agriculture’s Marie Stagg, OFB 1st VP Peggy Browne, OFB 2nd VP Angi Bailey, OFB Board member Dean Freeborn, OFB Board member Pete Postlewait, Bob & Gail Dettwyler, Annie Krahmer, Doug Krahmer, Helen Bushue, Kyle Bushue, Larry Bailey, Troy Hadley, Al Garre, Katie Fast, James Curry, Tiffany Marx, Dana Estensen — to name just a few.

Thank you to all Farm Bureau members who made it out to the game for a delightful evening! And a huge thank you Salem-Keizer Volcanoes for celebrating Oregon agriculture!