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Oregon Agricultural Legal Foundation (OALF)

The Oregon Agricultural Legal Foundation (OALF) was formed in 1994 to support, provide, and encourage knowledge, understanding, and proper administration of human and civil rights and liberties secured by law. Through contributions of time, expertise, and money, the foundation creates awareness among the general population about the laws that affect Oregon agriculture.

An example of OALF’s efforts is the Agricultural Labor Project. This was designed to create a system that provides information to the public on how agricultural labor cases and disputes are handled in Oregon. A database was created to track cases involving farm employers and workers. This project also funded and supported an appeal of the Oregon Roses case, the lead case in Oregon on “at-will” employment for agricultural and other workers.

Since it was founded, OALF has worked on many other projects and has developed numerous governing committees and boards to address a variety of issues that face Oregon farmers and ranchers. The foundation seeks contributions to help fund its efforts

For more information about OALF, send us an e-mail (dave@oregonfb.com) or call (503) 399-1701.