Farm Bureau is always working on behalf of Oregon’s family farmers and ranchers on myriad issues — but some topics are particularly hot, grabbing the attention of ag producers, the general public, lawmakers, and the media. Following are web pages devoted to educating Farm Bureau members about important agriculture issues, featuring links to credible information sources, social media campaigns/examples, and articles from American Farm Bureau and various media outlets. See the OFB Policy Book.

Read about OFB’s priorities for the 2017 Oregon Legislative Session 

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See OFB’s FarmCrush video highlighting the weight of regulatory burdens on farm and ranch families is CUMULATIVE.

Download & print this handout to give to lawmakers that explains how farmers & ranchers cannot absorb the increasing costs on every part of their business.

Review of 2016 Oregon Legislative Short Session
OFB’s 2016 Senate grades
OFB’s 2016 House grades

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Cannabis in Oregon: Rules & Regs for Growing 

Comments on ag-related rulemaking & regulations

GMOs — OFB believes that family farmers and ranchers should be able to decide what and how to raise on their own farms, be it organic, conventional, GMOs/biotech, or no tech — not county governments, non farmers, or activist groups.

Goose Damage on Farmland

Owyhee Canyonlands as a potential national monument

Measure 97 (formerly Initiative 28)

Labor-related issues: Mandated predictable and flexible scheduling, paid sick leave info, etc.


Spotted Frog

Worker Protection Standard

The Veterinary Feed Directive: Questions and Answers for Oregon Livestock Producers by Oregon State University Extension Service  > As of January 2017, Oregon livestock producers must comply with a new federal law that fundamentally changes the way feed-grade antibiotics are used in their operations: The Veterinary Feed Directive. This OSU publication answers some basic questions about the new law, including the livestock operator’s or caretaker’s responsibilities and classifications of medications that are affected and not affected by the VFD.

Information on the Hammonds/BLM Case

SMALL & BEGINNING FARMERS — Resources for beginning farmers/ranchers and small farms/ranches