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     Oregon Farm Bureau/Oregon Assn. of Nurseries Cannabis Rules & Regulations Workshop Materials. Event held on Oct. 14, 2015 in Salem.


   1. Introduction by OFB’s Dave Dillon

   2. Introduction by Oregon Assn. of Nurseries’ Elizabeth Remley

   3. Land Use discussion with Katherine Daniels, farm & forest lands specialist, and Rep. Ken Helms

   4. David Farrer Oregon Health Authority’s Role in Testing

   5. Marty Stipe of Oregon Dept. of Energy on Energy Use for Indoor Growing

   6. Tom Roick on Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality’s Role in Regulating Cannabis Businesses

   7. Panel on Coexistence with Scott Dahlman of Oregonians for Food & Shelter, Brian Gaurnke of Resolve Center, and Marti Dane of 6 Rivers


   >  Contact info for the presenters at the Cannabis Workshop

   >  Temporary Marijuana Rules Adopted, 10/22/15

   >  Reclamation Manual Policy

   >  Understanding Water Use Regulations: Medical & Recreational Marijuana

   >  Review Oregon Water Law PowerPoint (PDF)

   >  Guide to Recreational Marijuana in Exclusive Farm Use Zones – 2015

   >  Oregon Dept. of Ag Pesticide Advisory: Alert – Illegal use of Pesticides on Marijuana

   >  PowerPoint PDF: DEQ’s Role in Cannabis Regulation

   >  Land & Water Management Issues Surrounding Cannabis Cultivation

   >  Hemp Laws

   >  Business Readiness Guide

   >  Employment Issues Webinar

   >  Record of Cities/Counties Prohibiting Licensed Recreational Marijuana Facilities

   >  Oregon Dept. of Agriculture informational brochure

   >  Marijuana Testing PowerPoint by Oregon Health Authority (PDF)

   >  Mediation presentation handouts

   >  Oregon Agripedia